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Hello !

Maybe you received this letter and/or this e-mail :





8 route de Soulaines




The 16th September 2013






Yes, we're shouting out : Help !

We're calling out to you.

You who import this wine of kingsthis king of wines.

We need you. Please take the time to read the following information. It isvery important: You can help us to preserve the image of champagne, the image of French Champagne

In a few days' time the grape harvest will start in the magnificent region of Champagne, The landscapes of the unique vineyard are so beautiful that the association Coteaux, Maisons et Caves de Champagne has been put forward to be listed as a UNESCO world heritage - perfectly postioned. 


It isn't the Protected Designation of Origin that it wants to be ! Only 635 communes can produce this precious juice that is made out of three grape varieties : the pinot noir, the pinot meunier and the chardonnay. These calm wines are all different because of the soil, the grape variety and their year.

30% of these skillful blends come from two Champagne departments : the Aube and the Haute-Marne.


carte sites nucléaires canton de Soulaines pour mail HELP Champagne


Astonishingly, these two departments have another incredible feature : nuclear dumps have been set up there ! Curiously the famous Champagne Road Trip comes within a few miles of the Soulaines and Morvilliers nuclear waste sites.

Greenpeace denounced this state of affairs back in 2006. Notably with this video. But, alas, in vain.

The situation has since worsened : in 2011 a radioactive-waste sorting centre was built at DAHER Epothémont, as well as a centre for the interim storing of low-level long lived waste at Morvilliers in 2012.


But the worst has now arrived and we need you to help us prevent the construction of :

- a Storage Centre for Low-level Long Lived waste in the canton of Soulaines, next to the already existing centres at Soulaines and Morvilliers. Bearing in mind that this canton is home to two champagne-producing villages : Colombé-la-Fosse and Saulcy !

- a Storage Centre for High-level Long Lived waste (the most dangerous) 500 metres below the earth at BURE, also called CIGéo, on the boundary of the Haute-Marne and the Meuse departments.

Help us fight this completely crazy CIGéo project...

We are asking you to lend your voices to an Open Public DebatePlease Please give us 60 seconds of your time and send a simple mail to Claude BERNET, Président of the Open Debat Commission, telling him that you think there is already too much radioactivity close to the champagne vineyards, that it is a health-risk to add more, and that you fear for the repercussions on the image of Champagne, and consequently its impact on your sales.

We won't talk about the health studies that are already being carried out …

If these projects for nuclear-storage centres are carried out then the magnificent carbon gas bubbles that give so much pleasure when they burst in your champagne flutes could eventually evoke other, more sinister, images …

flute de champagne radioactif Greenpeace

An example: The winemakers of the Drôme department (long-time victims of their closeness to the Tricastin nuclear centre) obtained in 2010 a change in their Protected Origin of Designation status. Their Coteaux du Tricastin which had suffered because of the association with the nuclear centre has now become "Les vins de Grignan-Les Adhémar" ! The appelation had lost 40 % of its volume in two years and the uprooting of vine reached 600 hectares in four years. The president of the appelation has said : Certain clients abandoned us several years , in particular the wine merchants who encountered concern among their own clients…

It is absolutely necessary that we prevent a similar catastrophe happening to champagne. It is therefore urgent that you help us. You only need to send the following French text (in green below) to : - you can of course individualise your message but please make sure that it is in French.


Je suis totalement opposé à la construction de CIGéo, Centre de stockage (à 500 m sous terre) des déchets nucléaires les plus dangereux et les plus actifs durant des centaines de milliers d’années. Comment justifier une telle folie ? Quelle irresponsabilité vis à vis des générations futures ? Et pourquoi en Champagne, où je viens de dénombrer pas moins de 6 sites nucléaires construits ou en projet !

Importateur de ce précieux vin de Champagne, je n’ose imaginer la réaction de nos clients.

Je vous demande de consigner dans votre rapport mon opposition caractérisée.





Translation :


I am completely against the construction of the CIGéo centre (500 metres underground) storing the most dangerous and active nuclear waste that has a lifespan of thousands of years. How can such madness be justified?  Such irresponsibility towards future generations! And why in that part of Champagne country where I've counted at least 6 nuclear sites already in place or being planned?
As an importer of this precious Champagne wine I don't even dare imagine the reaction of my clients.
I'm asking you to take note of my most fervent opposition to this project.

Thank you



The letter has been sent to 2,100 wine-importing companies throughout the world. We are counting on the good sense of the managers of these companies to answer our call for help, and present their concerns in a manner they feel the most effective to the CIVCComité Interprofessionnel des Vins de Champagne, who, however, aware of the problem, must tread carefully with the nuclear lobby…

A big thank-you to you all

Cigé Team

If you have the slightest problem, the slightest question do not hesitate to contact us :



You will find here the report of your action to help us to preserve the image of Champagne, the image of French Champagne 

Thank you so much.








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